Web clipper browser extension

Hi. Just signed up. Can see no mention in the knowledgebase or in this forum of a browser extension for clipping web content. Is there one? If not, I’ll have to scuttle back to Airtable.

Hi @looseHeadPop!

Do you mean this: Web Clipper Extension - Overview | Airtable Support?

If so, then no, we don’t have an official web clipper browser extension yet.

What is the use-case you are using this for?

Yes. Isn’t the use-case obvious? Clipping interesting text from web pages to a table!



Apologies for reviving an old thread, but I was wondering if there were any further discussions or potential developments regarding a web clipper extension for Chromium?

My main use case is a quick entry into a CRM. E.g. you are on a LinkedIn profile of someone, you trigger the extension, and you can quickly create a record in your base.

In terms of UX and overall ergonomics, I think the Airtable Web Clipper and the unofficial Save to Notion extension set a pretty solid precedent.

Hello @iljapanic, we also think it’s a great idea for a plugin or extension. And it’s actually on the list of our ideas for the upcoming Developer Challenge.

I have also changed the category of this thread and will discuss it with the team as a feature request.