Web clipper browser extension

Hi. Just signed up. Can see no mention in the knowledgebase or in this forum of a browser extension for clipping web content. Is there one? If not, I’ll have to scuttle back to Airtable.

Hi @looseHeadPop!

Do you mean this: Web Clipper Extension - Overview | Airtable Support?

If so, then no, we don’t have an official web clipper browser extension yet.

What is the use-case you are using this for?

Yes. Isn’t the use-case obvious? Clipping interesting text from web pages to a table!



Apologies for reviving an old thread, but I was wondering if there were any further discussions or potential developments regarding a web clipper extension for Chromium?

My main use case is a quick entry into a CRM. E.g. you are on a LinkedIn profile of someone, you trigger the extension, and you can quickly create a record in your base.

In terms of UX and overall ergonomics, I think the Airtable Web Clipper and the unofficial Save to Notion extension set a pretty solid precedent.

Hello @iljapanic, we also think it’s a great idea for a plugin or extension. And it’s actually on the list of our ideas for the upcoming Developer Challenge.

I have also changed the category of this thread and will discuss it with the team as a feature request.

Hey @iljapanic, here are some updates on your request:

@jr9000 has built a similar extension for the Baserow Developer Challenge. It could potentially be finished soon (so it will become possible to save data from boards directly to your Baserow tables).

We also plan to add this as a built-in feature in Baserow in the future. You can track the progress on this issue: Web clipper Chrome extension (#2437) · Issues · Baserow / baserow · GitLab

Hello @olgatrykush ,

I would like to know if there is any news and this feature ?
From the gitlab ticket it is writen “needs more details”.
I will be happy to provide more detail. This feature is very usefull.
It enables you to add data to your baserow tables while you are surfing the web.

Here are some examples :

  • I use baserow as a CRM to store my contact. I can use this extension to add a new contact while I am on a linkedin page. The name, company, photo… is sourced from linkedin and directly store in the baserow table

  • Let’s suppose you want to buy a new bike and you want to compare different options. I will use this extension to store the information (picture, price, retailer…) of the bikes I like on baserow while surfing the web…

Possibilities are wide. But basically it to store information on baserow table based on the page your are viewing.

Hello @bluegreeno, thanks for sharing your use case, it’s very useful.

This feature is of low priority, so it’s unlikely to be released soon. But as we see more users asking about the web clipper, we’ll try to prioritize it higher.