Webhook - can it work if baserow database is self-hosted and accessible only on a local LAN?

Hi! I would like to know if it’s possibe to use the webhook functionality if my baserow database is accessible only on a local network? I do a baserow selfhosting (docker in my NAS) and don’t want to expose it to the internet. I was thinking about using Zapier, but probably it will not work.
Any advice please? Maybe if there is an option to have Zapier selfhosted as well. Not sure…

Hi @marcus

Zapier would only work if your instance is connected to the internet.

A good alternative to Zapier would be n8n.

FYI n8n can be self hosted on a local computer, and as a result you can use it without the internet.

Hope this helps!

@marcus outgoing webhooks should work. However what’s your full workflow ? Will you need to contribute data back to baserow ? If so, the fact that your instance is not publicly accessible will be a problem.
You can also self-host baserow on a VPS for cheap (around 4 euros / month), so you get the benefit of self-hosted and publicly accessible.