Webhook using import CSV

Hi everyone !

I have configured a webhook to be called when any row is created. The webhook is actually called when I use a form to create a new row or if I directly create a row from grid.

When I use the feature “import form CSV”, all rows is created in the grid but the webhook is never called. I have checked into webhook call log and nothing appears.

About the webhook configuration : I use event_type:rows.created

May I have miss something in the webhook configuration ?

I use a self-hosted instance.

Thanks for your help !

Hey there @hivewapp,

We don’t always trigger a webhook when a row is created even if you have set it up to do that.

We only send webhook requests when we also send realtime updates.

What are realtime updates?

Any time you change a row manually for example Baserow will send that update to everyone else in your group currently online. This ensures that data is always up to date when 2 people are working on the same table.

Why does it make sense to couple that to webhooks?

Generally speaking realtime updates should be sent whenever something changes that another user can currently have access to. In the case of an import it is impossible for another user to have access to that table before or during the import and therefore we don’t need realtime updates.

So the assumption here is if we need to inform users about a change in realtime we should also trigger a webhook.

Now looking at your post, I understand the confusion. Clearly it doesn’t make sense to send realtime updates for an import, but you could make the case that a webhook should be triggered in the case of an import given that a webhook can be used for all sorts of things, not just to make sure you don’t have runtime conflicts.

@nigel how do you feel about that? Just an oversight on our end or do we have good reasons to not trigger the webhook here? (apart from the code being very tightly coupled with signals)

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Hi @Alex, thanks for your complete answer.

To give you a greater point of view of my case, I’m using baserow as database but I also use other apps to handle some automation (e.g sending email etc).
So for example, each time there is a change in my baserow, I plan to use webhook to start some automation around received data.

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Yeah that makes perfect sense, I agree in your case (and in general) it would be useful to trigger the webhook in the case of an import.