Webhook "When a row is deleted" is not triggering

Configured a webhook with “let me select individual events” > “When a row is deleted”, but when deleting a row this webhook is not triggered. Call log is empty.

A separate webhook with “when row is created” works without issue.

Unsure as to where to start with this, any help would be appreciated.

Note - Running Baserow in selfhosted docker container, behind a reverse proxy.
Image = baserow/baserow:1.10.1

Hi @blickman , I’m not able to replicate this issue myself with Baserow 1.10.1 locally.

Firstly could you check the call log for your webhook shown here:

Does this page show any errors for your row.deleted events etc?

Secondly, If you are able to, could you temporarily set the following two env variables on your Baserow:


Then could you configure the same webhook setup, create a row, delete a few rows and finally send me the full output of docker logs baserow ? You can PM me directly the logs and feel free to anonymise any things you don’t want to share from the logs first.