Webhooks + Adding a New Row

Hi All,

I am new to Baserow, I have just set up a Tracking System in my table and everything is looking good. I now want to create a webhook so that I can integrate my Contact Form 7 on WordPress to Baserow, I am currently using Microsoft Flow to do this to a Spreadsheet by using the HTTP module.

Where can I find information on how to POST a new row to my table? I can see a Webhooks section to send information to a 3rd party like Zapier but we want to keep our costs low so would much rather prefer to continue to use Microsoft Flow to send our data onto Baserow using a standard Webhook POST method.

I’ve actually solved my issue. I went to Settings > API and generated an API key and then accessed the Docs which had everything I needed.

Thanks for sharing how you’ve solved it — it’s always useful for users who are searching for a similar solution. :raised_hands: