Webhooks have empty request/response in call logs

I have a webhook set up for all events on a table. It appears to trigger fine, but in the call logs, it shows as “Not OK” and the request and response boxes are both empty. Looking in the backend logs doesn’t show any errors.

This is a Kubernetes hosted instance.

Also, can we relax the URL validation on webhooks? My intent is to target another service running in k8s, but I had to enable DEBUG mode to allow that.


Hi @donlyon, can you share a bit more information about your webhook, perhaps by attaching screenshots from Baserow?

Sure here’s how it’s defined:

And the call log:
Screen Shot 2022-08-19 at 9.32.12 AM

I would add too that the test trigger works fine.

I don’t think your URL address is a valid HTTP endpoint, accepting the request and accessible from the Baserow instance.

I do think the URL is the culprit. I was able to hit a postman mock server without an issue. Any ideas on a workaround? That is a valid URL in this context since it’s directing the webhook to a service address in kubernetes, and I’m running baserow in kubernetes. I had to run it in DEBUG mode to bypass the check when setting up the webhook, but there must be another URL validation when it fires the webhook. I did try different variations of specificity in the URL.

I don’t think we validate the URL after it is saved, so once Baserow allows you to set it up, then I see it as a network issue. You can always SSH to the Baserow backend/celery container and try curl request to your address. I don’t think we can help you much beyond that I am afraid.

I have tested the network call, both with curl from the background service, and with the “Trigger test webhook” button on the webhook setup page. Both work as expected, which leads me to believe there is something different happening during an actual trigger. If there’s anything else I could try to help isolate the issue, please let me know. I’m happy to hack on it as well if you can point me to the likely files.