What is a user for the purpose of billing?

This might be a stupidly simple question but I can’t find a clear answer anywhere. If I make an app is anyone that uses it a user? Or are users only those who use the “workspace”, as in you’d send an invite to them?

Hello @Encrafted, welcome to the Baserow community :wave:

For the Database, you can find all the details about who is considered a “user” for billing purposes here: Subscriptions overview // Baserow. And while the Application Builder is in beta, it is completely free.

I hope that clears everything up!

I did read that. My issue is in parsing this:

Any workspace collaborator with the roles of Editor, Builder, or Admin is billable on the SaaS Hosted Advanced paid plan. Workspace collaborators who have read-only roles, including the Commenter, Viewer, No Access, and No Role, are classified as non-billable and completely free. Billing is automatically based on the number of users with paid roles in a workspace.

Basically, if someone can log into and use an app to add data they are inherently not “read only”. I have no idea if that makes them a “workspace collaborator”, user, or what. I’m not sending them an invite so they’re not using the “backend” of the app if you will, but they are still changing data in it.

Hey @Encrafted, by “collaborator”, we mean a user that is invited to your workspace by email:

To get back to your initial question:

Yes, only those who have been invited to the workspace via email can be considered ‘a user for billing purposes’.

Could you please elaborate a bit more on what do you mean here by ‘they are still changing the data’?

Changing it by adding rows to the database through forms. And editing, if it’s possible to make forms that represent existing data.

Thanks for clarifying this. I thought you might have meant forms, but I wanted to double-check. :slightly_smiling_face:

These types of users are not billable; we do not charge for form submissions or public sharing.