What is backend API and REST API

Hi, i was reading documentations and came to know, baserow has a backend API as well. I am aware about the rest api which we get when we create a table, then what is the use of this backend api and how it is different?

I also have one more question, I have two apps running on a same machine… one is baserow and one is my node js app. what is the best way to establish a communication between them, is it rest api or backend api

PS: i’m a noob :slightly_smiling_face:


The API your are familiar with can be used with a token you generate and pass in the header of your call. It allows you to manipulate (create, read, update delete) the data of your database. Clicking the 3 dots next to a database and selecting Show API docs offers you all information about the endpoints.

The backend API you are referring to allows you to manipulate the data structure of your database. You can create, read, update en delete tables, views, fields and even entire databases. You can find the documentation here: Baserow API spec

Because the backend API is more powerful, it needs more advanced authentication through a JWT token.

I can recommend this article to explain the difference between both API’s more in depth: How to authenticate to Baserow using database and JSON web tokens // Baserow