What is happening behind the scenes in Baserow?

Hello folks,

We haven’t spoken for a while, so I decided to share some quick updates on what is happening behind the scenes in Baserow.

:zap: We’re in the middle of release 1.10, so our engineers are busy developing new features. Undo/redo looks gorgeous so far, as well as the row coloring! The batch row API endpoints are almost stable thanks to @petrs. Zapier integration is 60% ready, and we’ve already fixed dozens of small issues. You’ll love all the upcoming updates, that’s a promise!

:zap: We’ve confirmed the structure and content for the Community page for the website, yay! @bram is going to start designing the page and quite soon we’ll make it public. What is its purpose? List the ways in which the community can contribute to Baserow and what you can expect back from us. We’re also going to publish the About us page with some fun team photos and a manifesto on what drives us. Can’t wait to share it with you!

:zap: I’m going to create a few more categories here in the forum early next week, so we will have a place where to share what we are building with Baserow and learn about each other.

:zap: And the last thing, I’ve finally responded to all of the community requests that were made during the last 2 weeks, thanks for your patience. If I missed something, please ping me once again.

Have a great week, and talk to you soon :heart:



Have you thought about a highlighting feature to make certain ties stand out from the rest? Maybe just a few colors

Hey there, we’re currently working on the row coloring feature and it will be published in the next release. Here is a little sneak peek for you :blush:

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Amazing, when you start selling subscriptions I can market it.

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