What is the limit of long text?

What is the limit of long text cells in baserow? Like how many letters or words can long text contain. Is there no limit?

Baserow is using Postgresql. According to the wiki found below this would be the limits.

Maximum size for a database? unlimited (32 TB databases exist)
Maximum size for a table? 32 TB
Maximum size for a row? 400 GB
Maximum size for a field? 1 GB
Maximum number of rows in a table? unlimited
Maximum number of columns in a table? 250-1600 depending on column types
Maximum number of indexes on a table? unlimited



Okay, So a field can contain 1gb of data. So there are no limit of words or letters there. It should be just under 1GB, right? Thanks @Peter for helping me.

I just used Google to find an answer. I am no postgresql expert. :wink:

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There is indeed no limit from Baserow’s side on the long text field. We use a PostgreSQL text field to store the data, which seems to have a limit of 1GB, but now that I’m realizing this, it could result into problems when storing that much data. Even storing megabytes of text could result into problems. Very big chance, when this is going to be the case in the hosted version, that we’re going to introduce limitations there.


What would you put in a long field that is that big? I did some checking and a King James Bible is without formatting around 4,6 MB.

4,6 MB of flat text is really a lot.

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I was thinking of making a notes app that would store data in a cell… Like all the notes will be saved in a single baserow cell.

Okay this is gonna help me a lot. Thanks

One field for all notes? Why not one field for the id, one for a title and one for the note? Maybe even a date field to store creation and last edited dates?


As a tip you could use these templates as a base.




Thanks @Peter I am new here. So, I didn’t thought that deeply. I just thought of storing the whole list of titles an notes in just one cell😅. But With this process, it will be much easier and work much better. Thanks again… I am grateful to you!

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