What python version ships with baserow 1.23 ? I have a plugin which requires StrEnum (python 3.11 only) ANWER: Python 3.9.2

I couldn’t find a very clear answer from gitlab: which python version runs in Baserow 1.23 ? I have a plugin which requires python 3.11 only code for now (enum.StrEnum). If Baserow is running python 3.11 great, otherwise i’ll have to add a compatibility layer.

OK I answered my own question: python 3.9, and here’s how I did it, in case it helps anyone:

luc@vocabai$ docker run -it --rm -e DISABLE_VOLUME_CHECK=yes baserow/baserow:1.23.2 backend-cmd bash -c bash
 [STARTUP][2024-03-16 00:43:23] No DATABASE_HOST or DATABASE_URL provided, using embedded postgres.
 [STARTUP][2024-03-16 00:43:23] Using embedded baserow redis as no REDIS_HOST or REDIS_URL provided.
 [STARTUP][2024-03-16 00:43:23] Creating REDIS_PASSWORD secret in /baserow/data/.redispass
 [STARTUP][2024-03-16 00:43:23] Importing REDIS_PASSWORD secret from /baserow/data/.redispass
 [STARTUP][2024-03-16 00:43:23] Creating SECRET_KEY secret in /baserow/data/.secret
 [STARTUP][2024-03-16 00:43:23] Importing SECRET_KEY secret from /baserow/data/.secret
 [STARTUP][2024-03-16 00:43:23] Creating BASEROW_JWT_SIGNING_KEY secret in /baserow/data/.jwt_signing_key
 [STARTUP][2024-03-16 00:43:23] Importing BASEROW_JWT_SIGNING_KEY secret from /baserow/data/.jwt_signing_key
 [STARTUP][2024-03-16 00:43:23] Creating DATABASE_PASSWORD secret in /baserow/data/.pgpass
 [STARTUP][2024-03-16 00:43:23] Importing DATABASE_PASSWORD secret from /baserow/data/.pgpass
baserow_docker_user@4a1d22c40c3b:/baserow/backend$ python --version
Python 3.9.2

Thanks for sharing this for the future readers @lucw! :raised_hands: