What syntax for Make Module?


We are struggling to use the Make modules for Baserow as there is no examples or documentation for it, which is frustrating. We’ve tried different permutations but nothing works.

I’ve uploaded the module for Airtable as comparison. They have a link to the docs, a clear example, and makes it easy for non-coders like us.

What should we put in the “Search” field? We want only rows where the field ‘Is Today’ equals ‘Y’.



It seems like the block “List rows” only supports to filter on a search. If you check the API docs of your base you will notice that a search returns all rows that somewhere match your criteria.

This is why I mostly use the building block “Make an API call”. It offers me much more flexibility and I can find all the necessary documentation in the API docs for my base. For example: I want to filter the table with id 113342 on the field with id 717626 and look for a certain date:

You can also use this building block for creating new records and updating existing records. Just check the API docs for your base (https://baserow.io/api-docs/database/[id of your base] ) to know the right parameters.