When copy-pasting, automatically create rows

When copy-pasting 10 rows of data from, say, Google Sheets, into a Baserow table having only 6 rows, I’d like the 4 additional rows needed to be created automatically. Currently, what I get is only the first 6 rows being copied.


Agreed, currently it is not very convenient, when you copy-paste data.

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Hello @palpalpalpal, @nickneustroev! We will discuss this suggestion in the nearest team call. I’ll keep you posted :ok_hand:

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Hello @palpalpalpal, @nickneustroev! Here is the link to GitLab to track the progress of the feature development: When copy-pasting, automatically create missing number of rows (#1252) · Issues · Bram Wiepjes / baserow · GitLab. We plan to start working on it after Baserow 1.13 is released :raised_hands: