When will extensions for baserow (similar to Airtable) be available?

Hi, When will extensions for baserow (similar to Airtable) be available?

Hi @SteBi developers can already build and publish Baserow plugins which can do much more than an Airtable extension as for self hosters as they have full access to their Baserow server. See Introduction // Baserow for documentation on how to create a plugin. Right now we don’t officially support any plugins, but in the future we hope to do so and to also offer a marketplace and GUI that let you install them easily etc.

Hi @nigel , thank you for the quick response. I figured just after my post that “extensions” are called “plugins” in your world.
This sounds wonderful that you guys aim for a marketplace of plugins to be available also in the SaaS version.
Technically I would be able to self host a baserow server, but this is too much of a hassle for me. So that’s why I would pay some euros to be able to focus on what I actually want to do.
Is there a sort of beta tester program where I can help you guys test plugins marketplace for the SaaS version?
KR, Stefan

That makes sense, out of curoisity are there some self-hosting platforms that you would consider using which we don’t yet offer? We planning to add more options soon and we are always open for suggestions.

Right now we haven’t prioritized or scheduled any work on the plugin market place, so not sure when we’ll start testing. But when we eventually do if we do have beta plugins i’ll keep you in mind, thanks for the offer!

Good question, depends on what you mean by self-hosting platform. In my techy days I was on yunohost and ubos, but that is past. Even with them this was too much of a hassle.

More and more the typical hoster like hetzner and sorts provide easy ways to install+maintain any application or they even provide specific plans for an app e.g. Nextcloud hosting or Wordpress hosting.

IMHO for the average user that wants his own server and at the same time maintain peace of find, they will go with mentioned specific hosting plans.
On the following page you can find a list of hoster that already today offer such a plan for Nextcloud and that you could start collaboration with. They all have in common that they see the value of providing such plans, they love open source and through the Nextcloud website they are well positioned in the market/target group.
Have a look: Sign Up - Nextcloud