Why does the Applicant Tracker keep eating my changes?

I’m experimenting with using the “Applicant Tracker” template to set up a hiring search. I’ve tried several times to duplicate and then customize the input form, but my changes are consistently gone when I go back to review them.

I don’t see any errors and I’ve looked for some kind of “save” button. I’m not sure what could be happening.

I called my form “Second Form”. It exists and I can preview it:

But if I look at another view and come back, it’s just gone.

Hmm… manually saving shouldn’t be needed, no.

Are you self-hosting, or is this on the hosted version (baserow.io)?

It’s on https://baserow.io

I’m having some difficulty reproducing your problem. What I did was, install the applicant tracker template, duplicate the “Add new application” view, rename it to “Second view”, uploaded a logo, changed a field title, changed a field description and hide a field. It all works as expected.

Can you provide the exact steps you took and what’s not as expected? That helps us to reproduce the problem.

I finally realized i had to scroll down to see it. I wasn’t even seeing the microscopic scrollbar. And because this was a template there were five or six views by default already so any new views required me to scroll.