Will it be possible to manage the width of columns?

I like columns in the repeat field, in app-builder, but I’d like to control the width of the columns.
Would be great if that were possible.


Good morning @DavidCeulemans! I’m glad you’re enjoying the repeat element, we found it fun to work on! :slight_smile:

About your suggestion, can I clarify first what you mean by ‘columns’ here? Do you mean:

  1. A “column element” inside the repeat, or
  2. When the elements appear in columns, inside the repeat, when the orientation is horizontal?

If you mean the former, then the only width options you have are based on the number of columns (under “Layout”) inside your column element, and maybe in the future, there could be more granular style widths for the columns and gutters.

If you mean the latter, this is probably not going to be a style tweak in the future, as the number of repetitions are set by the user, per device (laptop/smartphone/tablet).

I hope this helps!


Hi Peter,
Thanks for getting back to me.

I do indeed mean option 1, and would like to see more granular control of a ‘column’ element (be it in a repeat element, or not).

See the image as illustration: I’d like to create more room for the text, and just enough room for the score.