A responsive web application for city tours

I completed a new series of videos that shows step by step how to build a responsive web application for self-guided city tours. The home screen offers an overview of the tours, the detail screen of each tour has a list of highlights. It is possible to rate each highlight.

The application uses baserow as a backend (of course) with formula’s ,linked fields and rollup fields. The frontend is created with the new auto layout functionality of Appsmith.

You can check the application here.

The video tutorials are available here


This is amazing, @frederikdc! Thank you for sharing it.

Seeing community projects like this is always very inspiring for the team. :blue_heart:

Thank you!! :grin:

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@frederikdc excellent work on these video tutorials! I like how you show the mobile version using the screen size emulator in the inspector. And it’s great to have more video content covering mobile use cases, and the maps widget!