Baserow 1.17 is up to 3x faster ⚡️

You enjoy using Baserow because it handles large volumes of data, right? Well, buckle your seat belt, because the latest version of Baserow is even faster.

:loudspeaker: New features alert:

:one: Your Baserow experience just got a huge speed upgrade.

→ Sorted tables with 5 million rows are up to 100x faster.
→ Databases with many link fields are up to 3x faster.
→ Average API response time of is 3x faster.
→ Overall table load time, scrolling, sorting, filtering, and editing in is up to 3x faster.

:two: Calendar view got new features too.

→ Click on cards.
→ Create new rows for a specific date.
→ Color rows based on the date fields.
→ Share your calendars.

:three: The Baserow Docker images are now also available for ARM.
:four: Advanced plan storage increase.

Get the details of all new in Baserow 1.17 here.

We hope you find these updates as exciting as we do. Share your feedback in the comments :point_down:


A more detailed video of me talking about the performance improvements can be found here: Performance improvements, now Baserow is up to 3x faster! - YouTube


I am using my Drugs Information App with the latest version of Baserow and it is really fast. No more waiting time when getting the information. It looks as fast as if the info was in the app itself.


The email tester functionality was very useful for me today. I signed up for postmarkapp for SMTP delivery. I realized Hetzner cloud machines block outgoing TCP 25, which results in a very long timeout which ends up putting baserow in an unstable state. Thankfully port 587 works and now I can get emails delivered.