🚀 Baserow 1.25 has arrived, expanding our AI capabilities and introducing a ton of new features…

:drum: Baserow 1.25 includes:

→ AI for formulas: Generate formulas with the help of AI.

→ Application Builder Templates: Jumpstart with Baserow’s Application Builder using template applications.

→ Database Onboarding: Get in-tool guidance when creating your first database with Baserow.

→ Email verification: Add email verification to protect your Baserow account.

→ Multistep data filters: Combine different filter types like 'is beforeoris afterwith other options liketomorrow, yesterday, or one week ago`.

→ Field descriptions: Add descriptions to your fields to clarify what data should be entered, making collaboration easier.

→ Duration field updates: Use the new field formats, make calculations with the duration values in the formula field type.

→ Repeat element: Display lists of similar items by repeating a set layout for each item in a container.

→ Data source refresh action: Triggers an update to reflect changes in the data source of selected element.

…and many more features and updates!

Check the details!


My favorite feature from this release: the AI formula generator.

Writing formulas can be intimidating, especially if you’re just starting out. Being able to describe in plain terms what you’re looking to accomplish, and having the generator put together a functioning formula is a big step in closing a technical gap that still exists today.

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I like that feature as well. Something to consider is that while working on this feature, it performed best in combination with gpt-4, gpt-3.5 mostly didn’t respond with a fully working formula. gpt-4 is not available on baserow.io by default, you would need to set configure your own OpenAI API key.

I have not been able to update my self-hosted Baserow from version 1.24.2 to 1.25.0.
I’ve tried multiple servers and I followed the provided documentation, but does not work.

Hello @evebo, could you please elaborate a bit more on how you’re self-hosting?

Installed with docker (not docker-compose), running on ubuntu server 22.04.
When following the documentation provided, the docker container keeps restarting. The server has enough RAM and storage. Do you need any other information?

Would you be able to share the output logs of your Docker container?

I saw there was a newer version (1.25.1). This fixed the problem, now I can just upgrade to the newest version. Thanks for the help

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