Build a custom CMS using Baserow and integrate it with Make and Webflow 💻

If you connect Baserow with Webflow through Make, you can build a custom and flexible content management system for your blog, website, or app. Let’s dive into how to do it!

Step 1 :point_right: Build a headless CMS on Baserow.
Step 2 :point_right: Display blog posts on Webflow or another front-end app.
Step 3 :point_right: Link the applications with API instead of Webflow’s native CMS.

Check out the full tutorial with screenshots:

The tutorial explains how to create new items when there’s something new in Baserow, but for using Baserow as the CMS, more’s needed. Such as updating triggers, deleting triggers etc.

Currently I’m using a tool such as WhaleSync with Airtable as the headless CMS. I’d like to use Baserow as the CMS, but it’ll more functionalities to keep the syncs effortlessly.

If you happen to know sync tools like WhaleSync for Baserow, that’d very helpful :grin: