Cannot Delete a Table

I am self-hosted and have a table with about 6500 rows that I am unable to delete.

When I right click and select “Delete”, I see the spinning wheel, but it stops and the table is not deleted.

Is there some condition preventing this table deletion?

Hey @MikeTran, I’ve asked the dev team to check this request. Meanwhile, could you please share more details on how you self-host Baserow?

I am currently hosting Baserow on my Synology 1512+ server and it’s running in a Docker Container.

I have found that when this happens, 10-15 minutes later I am finally able to delete the table.

Hi @MikeTran, I’m sorry to hear that you’re having problems. Would you be able to share the output logs of your server, and share server specifications, how you’re self hosting, CPU load, memory usage, how many users, how many API requests you’re making etc. The more insights you can give us, the better.