Can't create new lines in my table

I have 4 tables in my database (free version, hosted on with around 800 lines in total. I can’t create new lines in 2 of these tables. Any idea what might cause this ?
Thanks !

Hey @Robin,

When you say you can’t add a new line do you get any error messages? Are you able to update / delete existing ones?

Hey @joffcom
Thanks for your quick answer
I don’t get any error message it just doesn’t create the line.
Yes I am able to update/delete existing ones.

I manage to “solve” the problem by adding a useless column “formula” (my tables had no formulas except this one). I tried because I thought maybe it was related to this bug Cannot create a row.

Hey @Robin,

That is an interesting bug, it looks like it would only apply if you are using a formula already though. I guess once the issue is fixed you might be good to go although something like that I would have expected to be fixed already.

Maybe @nigel or @bram can take a look.

@Robin Hey thanks for this bug report.

From the logs I can see indeed there was an internal Baserow error preventing you from inserting rows, similarly to the issue you linked. It looks like you deleted the field that was causing the error and now everything is working again. Do you happen to remember what type/settings you had for that field you deleted?

Hi @nigel,
For me it seems like the error was “fixed” when I added a new formula field but I can be wrong.
I deleted some fields that I no longer needed the same day so maybe one of them was causing the error, but none of them was a formula.