Community Awards: reflecting on what 2022 meant for the Baserow community 🥂

Hello the Baserow community!

The end of December is an incredible period that gives us some time to reflect on the hard work we’ve put in this year, as well as remember all the marvelous moments we got to go through together.

For the Baserow community, 2022 has been a year full of great questions, solutions, initiatives, useful hacks and tricks, and dozens of :blue_heart:

Since December 2021:

:white_check_mark: 441 new users signed up.
:speaking_head: 603 conversations were started, with 1.6k likes given.
:eyes: 4.3M page views were spotted with 5.4k users stopped by the community.

Things we will remember from 2022…

→ We had 49 videos recorded about Baserow by our users.
→ We received 117 feature requests.
→ We resolved 183 technical challenges together.
→ We released 138 new features and bug fixes (a big percentage of them are community ideas).
→ We visited 3 big conferences — No-code Summit, Open Source Experience, and API days — and met some of you in person.
→ We got 474 upvotes on Product Hunt.
→ We did the first community AMA with the Baserow co-founders.
→ We kept receiving positive feedback from you, our community :hugs:

:exclamation: More about Baserow’s accomplishments in 2022 can be found in this post:

Community Awards

We are happy to share our Community Awards to celebrate the hard work and dedication of the most active contributors of the Baserow community.

Community Leader

@Peter! You were always the first to lend a helping hand and assist other members with their Qs. We were amazed to see how fast you pop up to help others. You are truly the community leader, and we were honored to make you also a moderator to give more power to your hands. Thank you for being with us for over a year.

Technical Leader

@joffcom! You posted the biggest amount of replies to technical questions, which is crazy awesome! It’s as if you know Baserow just as well as the team does. Thank you, you’ve been a massive help this year.

Community Educator

@claudiobalbino! Thank you for the hours of work you put into your amazing and helpful videos on how to use Baserow. You helped lots of people master Baserow, and that’s great. Thanks for sharing your expertise all this year.

Community Creator

@lucw! The Language Translation project you built on top of Baserow is amazing. Thank you for sharing what you managed to achieve using Baserow, and becoming a glowing inspiration to other talents in the community. We are happy that you’ve been being with us this year.

Community Visionaries

@bfranklin and @dkonigs! You both shared plenty of great requests and inspired us to build new features and make Baserow better. Thank you for actively influencing the development of Baserow this year.

We hope you enjoy your new titles and continue doing great work :rocket:

A few last words…

Community growth isn’t only about having more members (which we are also very grateful for), it is about finding new ways to create value for all Baserow users. I think, this year we managed to build deeper connections with our members, and I want to say a huge thank you to all of you who have joined and helped us to make the Baserow Community what it is today — a friendly place to come to discuss Baserow and discover new ways of how to use databases. More great things to come :magic_wand:

Here’s a tiny request to you all: from this past year, who in the community has helped you in a big or small way? Let’s send some kudos by tagging members in the comments.

Thank you for being part of our year :blue_heart:

Happy Holidays!


I want to send my kudos to the Baserow devs who gave their time and expertise to help us all with some challenges. @nigel, @Alex, @petrs, @davide, @jrmi, @peter_baserow and, of course, to @bram :hugs:


On top of those mentioned, @Peter, has been active in the community since the early days when we were much smaller. Great advocate with lots of conversations.

@joffcom also has provided some great contributions, especially for those of us who are less technical and need some help on that end. :sweat_smile:

Shoutout to every single member of the community who is helping shape and expand everyone’s knowledge around Baserow.

And of course, we would be remiss to not send love out to @olgatrykush, who has been spectacular in managing this awesome community. Appreciate you, Olga. :raised_hands:


Wow… I’m very happy for the recognition and grateful for everything you and this amazing community have done to make Baserow better every day. Keep counting on my engagement in 2023 :clap::blue_heart::rocket:


Thank you very much for mentioning me. :grinning: I wish you and your loved ones all the best for 2023. Let’s make it a great year.

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