Displaying Grouped Table in Application Builder

I just noticed that when I try to embed a grouped view within an iframe in the App Builder, it cuts off the grouping column.

The other thing I noticed is that when I try to preview the page, it takes me back to the Homepage?

Is this expected behavior or potential bug(s)

Hey @MikeTran ,

This is what I get when I embed a view with grouping in a page:

It seems to be working as expected.

May be something is different:

  • What is the type of your grouping field?
  • How do you configure you IFrame element?
  • Is it working if you create another table with simple configuration?

If you use the preview button in the top bar it should bring you to the same page your are currently on. Could you try with other pages with different paths?

Thanks for your help here jrmi!

It looks like the problem is related to my grouping field, which is calculated. I changed the grouping field to another field that is not calculated and it is working fine.

I created a second calculated field that just referred to the first calculated field and used that field for grouping and it also is working fine. So the problem is related specifically to that one calculated field.

At least I have it working now…Thanks for your help!

FYI…I just discovered that when I hide the grouped-on field in the table, the grouped column disappears in the iframe view in the Application Builder. So it seems that in order for the grouping column to display in an iframe, you cannot hide the column you are grouping on.

This will resulting in showing that column twice, a grouped column and the ungrouped column.

Wondering if this is intended behavior or a bug?

You are apparently using a self hosted instance. Are you using the last version of Baserow?

Correct…Self hosted and using the latest version (1.25).

I think the last version is 1.25.1, do you have this one exactly?

Nevermind, actually I don’t think the last patch has a fix regarding this feature.

Sorry I’ve checked and apparently this bug might bug have been fixed in the 1.25.1. Let me know if it’s not the case (We have trouble to reproduce it actually).

I am running Baserow in Docker and I pulled the latest image yesterday and I just verified that this is still happening…