Expected release of 1.7 (October)

We expect the release of version 1.7, which is the October release on the short term roadmap, to happen on November 16. The following big features are going to be included:

  • Lookup field
  • Table webhooks
  • Kanban view (premium)
  • Zapier integration


evaluating tools right now and lookup fields are a must-have for our use-case - is the release for this still (somewhat) on track? It would be no problem if it’s not releasing today, but like in the next couple of days? Weeks would be too late for us :frowning:

Either way, thanks for making Baserow! Seems like a great tool and alternative to Airtable, Seatable and MIcrosoft List.

Hi @Tino, first of all, welcome to the Baserow community!

We’re working super hard towards the release of 1.7, but we’re not going to make it today unfortunately. We value high quality software and features that work well. Therefore, we will only release when something is truly finished and thoroughly tested . We’ve ran into some unforeseen circumstances that have delayed our roadmap a bit.

It’s not going to take weeks, that’s for sure :slight_smile:. We’re aiming for Monday next week, but if everything goes well, it could also upcoming Thursday. My apologies to the inconvenience!


first of all, welcome to the Baserow community!


And also thanks for the quick reply. Best of luck squashing the problem.

Next week sounds good too, and if it’s not happening, unlucky then, might move to baserow later on then and/or use it for other projects in the future.

Hey Tino, wondering about your minimum requirements for the lookup field. Do you need to be able to lookup file or single or multi select fields? Separately do you need to be able to filter a grid view by a lookup field and if so which filters would be most needed? Additionally are there any particular aggregate (sum, count etc) functions you need to work over a lookup field?

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Hi nigel, thanks to you too!

File: no
Single-select: yes
Multi-select: don’t think so currently, would be nice in the future though

Filters by lookup results, not a must-have, though they’d be sure great in the future. The first one that could be helpful would likely be an empty/not-empty.

Aggregate functions: I don’t think so, no.

Sneak peak of the lookup field now with single select support also, excited to share this with you all soon :slight_smile:

You can also reference lookup fields directly in formulas or use the new formula lookup function to do a lookup in a formula without having to make a separate lookup field.

In the screenshot above I’ve looked up a single select option, referenced that field in a formula where i’ve converted each option to text and uppercased their values. What is being shown off here is a super powerful new feature of our formula language which lets formulas apply a transformation to each looked up item separately. So for example the formula lookup('Link Field', 'A number field') + 1 will lookup all the linked number field values and add one to each one!

We are also releasing aggregate functions for the formula field which let you sum/join together/and/or all of the values of a lookup field/lookup function call into a single value inside a formula. Or do multiple different lookups in the same formula, aggregate them together separately and combine the results! For example you could do sum(lookup('Link Field A', 'Profit') * 0.8) / sum(lookup('Link Field B', 'Costs') + 100) etc.


loooove this! pleaaase make it live! :pleading_face:

Congrats to the team, this will push many projects forward!

We’re almost there @yakito, version 1.7 containing the lookup field is going to be release early next week. :slight_smile:

@Tino @yakito November 2021 release of Baserow // Baserow was just released :smiley: See Just released Baserow 1.7 with the new lookup field type, table webhooks, a kanban view, licensing system, new templates and much more! for feedback!

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This is great! thanks so much! I’ll be testing it right away!