Feature idea : color picker for select fields


As a user, when I create a select field, I sometimes want to create multiple possibilities (sometimes more than 20).


Currently, the number of default colors available in the color modal for select field has 15 colors, which is plenty, but can seem restrictive if wanted color is not here or if we have more the 15 fields (which is my case)


  • Allow a user to select a color for a possible value thanks to a visual/written hexadecimal code, similar to what we could see elsewhere. Below the example of Excalidraw, which seems efficient imho : keeping the default colors with tones available and a hexadecimal code to fill if wanted


  • Increasing the number of default colors, but would be visually cluther things in my opinion


Very low

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There is an issue tracking this already Expand the available color palette (#1129) · Issues · Baserow / baserow · GitLab

Also a community Colour picker for Single/Multiple Select options

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