Filters on webhooks

Hey all!

After using Baserow for many months in different areas of the company and often using the webhooks we think it would be nice to be able to apply a filter per webhook. That is, that the webhook only fires when a specific field changes, when a field includes a word, when a field is not empty, etc…

Thank you for your time reading this and for developing a really good solution that helps a lot of companies.

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Thank you for your kind words about Baserow, Guillermo.

I noted your feature idea and it’ll be discussed with the team :raised_hands:

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Without a shadow of a doubt, this functionality would be more sensational than spending a day at the beach after hours of focused work… kkkk :rofl: Jokes aside, its implementation is really interesting, as it would save a lot of time because we don’t have to resort to another one automatically in n8n for example to do it.

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Noted :memo:

Thanks for your feedback @alessandrobarros and welcome to the Baserow community :heart_hands:

Hello @guiolmar and @alessandrobarros :wave:

I have some great news for you! The team has agreed that adding filters on webhooks would be an extremely useful addition. To simplify its technical implementation, we are going to allow webhooks for specific views only.