Forum updates, poll on what guides to prepare, and a new team member introduction — check out the new community report!


Today, we are excited to share the latest news from the Baserow-erse as well as invite you to participate in a small poll and help us with the first steps into content building!

Let’s start with some updates

We continued proactive work to make sure the community forum is a useful, helpful, and friendly place for our people. You can find the latest updates we have below:

New categories

Introduction: let’s get to know each other! Even if you’ve been here for a while, feel free to jump in and introduce yourself! We are curious to know whom we have onboard. And if you don’t know what to say, don’t worry – we’ve left an introduction script in the pinned message.

Made with Baserow: use this category as a place to openly promote your projects and get initial feedback, as well as educate and inspire others.

New plugins

Voting: we enabled voting in the category Feature Ideas, so from now on if you like the suggested feature you can simply put your vote near it. The more upvotes a feature has, the more chances we will prioritize it to build soon.

Reactions: before you could only put likes to posts or replies, now you have a bigger variety of reactions below posts, so feel free to show your emotions.

Solved: if your question or request was solved, mark it with a check on the topic list, and the solution will be automatically displayed at the bottom of the initial post. This plugin works in the Baserow Help and Technical Help categories only.

New bio

And the last (but not least) update regarding the community forum: we customized the user fields, that you need to fill in during the registration process, a bit. We’d love you to add a short bio, your database proficiency level, and what you’re building with Baserow there. How to do this? Click on your photo, choose the tab Preferences → Profile, and add any missing information. It’s not mandatory to add all of the new fields, feel free to choose what info you want to display in your profile.

A bit of the company news

Last week we welcomed another new team member — Juliet Edjere for the position of Content Creator. Juliet will primarily be designing content, Baserow walkthroughs, and creating best practices on how to get the most out of the tool. And this means that more and more guides are coming soon…yay!

And now the poll

As Juliet is starting to define the content strategy, and plan to work on the first user guidelines, we decided to ask you – what burning questions do you have? Please choose one of the options below or state your variant in the comments.

  • Getting started with Baserow: general guide describing all main features/possibilities of Baserow
  • Formulas: an overview of main functions and operators
  • Formulas: how to do more complex calculations, sorting, and filtering using formulas
  • Automations: how to build automated workflows and processes using Baserow webhook and API functions
  • Table relationships: how to connect tables and link records
  • Self-hosting: a non-technical guide on how to self-host Baserow
  • Other (tell us your idea in the comments)

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We will have all of these guidelines ready in some time, our question is which one is the most needed now :sweat_smile:

That’s all! We hope you enjoy all the new forum updates and if yes — put a new reaction to this post :blue_heart:

Have a nice weekend,

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Welcome Juliet. Looking forward to all the things you will be doing.

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