🧐 What is new in Baserow?


It’s been a while since our last talk, so it’s time to wrap up what is happening at Baserow :memo:

:zap: New team member: Welcome Olivier Maes, our new Chief Revenue Officer. Olivier joins us after building out the sales & marketing for Rancher Labs, an open-source Kubernetes management platform, acquired by Suse. He also has no code background from his work at Mendix. Olivier will focus on growing Baserow awareness in the market, driving revenue, and building out a full customer success process to delight our customers. He will also focus on recruiting technology and no code implementation partners. Olivier is from Belgium, the country of great beer and chocolate.

:zap: Survey: this week I reached out to all of you guys personally with a favor to take a survey. Baserow develops very fast, and now we want to learn more about how you are using it. If you haven’t done a survey, please fill it out and become a guiding hand in how we continue to grow!

:zap: First community AMA: we plan to conduct the first community meetup soon, where our founder @bram will be on hand to respond to all your questions in real-time on Reddit. Register not to miss the event!

:zap: Baserow guidelines: we also want to thank everyone who participated in the poll where we asked what guidelines we should prepare first. Formulas (how to do more complex calculations, sorting, and filtering) and Automations (how to build automated workflows and processes using Baserow webhook and API functions) are the winners, so we will start with them. If we have some content creators in the community who have the interest to help us with these guides, raise your hand. We will sponsor the input, of course!

Juliet (our Content Manager) is currently working on the user documentation, so this page together with a FAQ will be also released on the website quite soon, keep an eye on it!

Have a nice weekend, and take care :blue_heart:

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Welcome Olivier :+1:

I am Dutch but was born in Belgium :crazy_face:. Maybe next year Baserow could be part of FOSDEM in Brussels. If everything will go as planned I will be there representing App Inventor and CoderDojo.

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Hey Peter, nice! Yeah, we will discuss FOSDEM with the team, it looks like a great event to participate in. Where did you find info about the offline event in Brussels? On the website, it’s stated that it’s gonna be online.

I know that you are a power user in the App Inventor community, how are you involved in CoderDojo? I see that this is a community of free programming workshops for young people, which is really cool.

Yes it is a really great event.

Since i was there a few times before with an App Inventor stand I got an email that FOSDEM 2021 would be an offline event again because of Corona. Most of the time the next FOSDEM will be announced around august/september. It is always the first weekend of February. So you could follow their Twitter feed.

I am co-champion of a dojo in Tilburg, my hometown. Our website is https://code013.nl
I also gave a talk at the Dutch DojoCon 2021 about App Inventor before I was a CoderDojo champion. This was also online.

A couple of years ago I met the people from CoderDojo Netherlands and Belgium at FOSDEM and we discussed together with some FOSDEM organisers having a educational devroom together with App Inventor, CoderDojo and Scratch for instance because our goals are the same.

The MIT App Inventor project seeks to democratize software development by empowering all people, especially young people, to move from technology consumption to technology creation.

The organisers want to have more children involved because almost everybody visiting is in his late teens or are adults or very old like me. :grinning: :joy:

Done, started following them on Twitter! I will keep an eye on their announcements :slightly_smiling_face:

I respect and love projects with big missions, CoderDojo sounds like one of such. @Peter you’re part of so many interesting projects, cool :sweat_smile:

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I started when I was around 32 using Linux (Corel Linux) and other open source software. I liked the open source community and started giving back in the form of support, tutorials, graphics and sometimes I send some money to support a group or single developer. Now I am 56 but still really involved in Open Source and it’s message. Still looking for special projects like Baserow that I can tell about or advise to use on other communities. That’s why I started the dojo with a group of other people, to make young people enjoy the idea they can create technology instead of only consuming it.

Nowadays all is available online so I introduced my son when he was very young to Scratch and now he is a professional Webdeveloper. :grinning: I like to think that his passion for Open Source software and the contributions he made to App Inventor had something to do with that I introduced him to it. :wink:

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