FOSDEM 2023 is this weekend in Brussels

A little tip.

FOSDEM 2023 is this weekend in Brussels. FOSDEM 2023 - Home
I you have time visit my devroom
FOSDEM 2023 - FOSS Educational Programming Languages devroom

One presentation is about App Inventor. With App Inventor you can build your own Android apps. Baserow and App Inventor are a very good combination.

A small app that I made demonstrates that.

Thanks for sharing this @Peter! Do we have anyone else in the community who plans to visit FOSDEM this year? :eyes:


You can collect a lot of stickers at FOSDEM.

Hey @Peter, looks awesome :heart_eyes: I believe you had a great time at FOSDEM.

These are photos from your dev room, right?


Yes, this was our devroom. We had the best devroom :grinning: :+1: :wink:

Next year I want it even to be bigger, so I started already contacting the right people. All presenters already said they will be back next year.

I think you would like Hedy. It is a system on how to learn/teach Python programming.

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Even Guido van Rossum likes Hedy

Cool-cool! I had no doubts your devroom would be the best :hugs:

Thanks, I’ll definitely check what Hedy is :memo:


Isn’t there some people from the Nuxt team down there too? :slightly_smiling_face:

I can’t remember seeing a stand, maybe in one of the devrooms.