📢 Get the full scoop on what's happening in Baserow

The community update is in time for the weekend!

:zap: We’ve finished with the forum restructuring: view, categories, tags — take a tour of all new things here. We’ll continue making some minor changes, and will install some cool plugins to add the Baserow vibe to the discussions, but as for the major updates, they are ready. We hope you like the changes, but if you think I’ve made a mistake in moving some topics or with some categories then please let me know.

:zap: A new team member joined the team. It’s time to welcome @Alex, a Full-Stack Engineer from Germany — say hi in the comments! It’s already 8 of us, and this week we’re meeting in person on our team trip to the Canary Islands. Stay tuned for the photo report on our LinkedIn account.

:zap: As this week the whole team is on the trip, we need to reschedule the weekly call where we discuss the community requests. We want to apologize for the delay, and during the next week, I’ll make updates regarding all raised questions.

:zap: And a quick reminder, @HiramFromTheChi prepared a HUGE template update that will be available with the next release, make sure to check all the details beforehand.

We noticed a high community activity this week, which means that more and more people are using Baserow and this fact warms our hearts :heart:

Have a great weekend, folks!


Welcome @Alex :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: