✋ Get to know the invited automation expert for the upcoming AMA session!

Hello folks,

Today I’m pleased to introduce you to @troytessalone, our invited expert for the upcoming Ask Me Anything session on workflow automation (all the details are described here).

Troy Tessalone of Automation Ace is a Certified Zapier Expert, and the #1 Zapier Community contributor, who has helped solve 2,000 (and counting) Zapier Community issues :hushed:

In less than 2 weeks, Troy will be online answering your questions and sharing insights he has accumulated by setting up countless automation that helps you work better and free up resources.

So, if you could ask a top expert anything about workflow automation, what would you want to know? :thinking: :point_down:

Submit your questions in this form, and then tune in for the responses on the 9th of March!

Another great news is that Troy in advance of our AMA session agreed to lift the curtain and show off his expertise by preparing these useful tips for our community — a post describing 5 common database automation mistakes.

If you have any questions on the publication, join the AMA and discuss them with Troy in real-time :raised_hands:

Have a great weekend!

Warm regards,

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Looking forward to the AMA, thanks for organising this :fire: