Group rows like Airtable

Hey there! I’m trying to move my organization’s databases to Baserow. We use a combination of NGP VAN and Airtable to run our daily operations and keep track of campaigns. One challenge I’m running into is distinguishing different groups of rows without having to make more views.

As it stands, the only way to separate data is to create a new view and filter records. This is not ideal, as wading between more than 5 grids feels tedious. We need to be able to group our data by geographic area (precinct, county, etc) or by campaign. Even better if we can nest a precinct group under a county group, or a day’s records under the date.

Would love for our team to make the full jump - we just need a bit more flexibility from this tool.


Hello @wolfe.bat! We are happy to see that you were actively testing Baserow this weekend :grinning:

We plan to work on the record grouping feature in the future, please check the discussion on this request here: Grouping by field data.