Having a hard time getting n8n to work with Baserow (Both Self Hosted with Nginx proxy manager)

I am a total beginner to self-hosted world (docker ect…).

Possibly, this is just a quick fix, what is the domain used in n8n when setting up Baserow (both applications are self-hosted)? Currently, I’m just using: https://mysubdomain.mydomain.com and not getting any connection to my Baserow.

I’m using nginx proxy manager and have followed this post to get it set up, and I thought working:

Am I missing something obvious, I have looked at both the n8n and Baserow communities and tried some pretty targeted google searches with no luck.

I figured it out.

Anyone using n8n and Baserow through Nginx proxy manger, don’t use the domain name (source in nginx proxy manager) for host in the node credentials.

Use the internal domain (destination in nginx proxy manager) with the container name:

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Glad to hear you got this working now! And thanks for sharing the update, it will help future readers to escape the same issue :muscle:

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