Import information from bookmarks for Baserow

Feature name

Import information from bookmarks for Baserow

Feature description

  1. I would like to import my 3000 bookmarks from chrome into Baserow
  2. with that it could be efficient - I could filter my bookmarks by domain url, created_at, title, description, tag, modified_at etc
  3. I would like an auto-import feature - 1. that read the html, 2. captures the html information and 3. saves the html information to Baserow
  4. Programs like Nocodb, Airtable, Seatable don’t have this feature


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Personally I think this would be just to specific. You could think of thousands and thousands of these kind of use cases that would take up to much of the developers time.

This is for a reason that i explained above.

Why not search for some tools that could do the job for you?

With this chrome extension you can save your bookmarks as a json or csv and then you can import the csv or json in Baserow. Didn’t test it but try it yourself and let us know if it worked for you.

Just tested it myself. This is the generated json

This is how it looks after being imported in Baserow.

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Hi! @Peter

1. Here is an error that appears:


2. Would it be possible to send more than 5.000 lines in Baserow?

I think that is a limitation at the moment of the free version. You will have to cut your file in multiple parts and then import it or choice for the selfhosted version of Baserow.


Hey guys.

I would like to contribute to this specific topic. Please, see this Import information from bookmarks for Baserow with python, here I explain step by step how to use 3 python libraries(requests, json, chrome-bookmarks) to import chrome bookmarks without using third-party services(browser extensions) with baserow.