Is it possible to encrypt data with Public Key/ Private Key in Baserow?

feature description

I would like my data to be encrypted with a public key and a private key, so only who have access can visualize them. In this case, I and not you.

Where would this feature applied? or better ‘cases’

  1. I have corporate data that I do not want anyone to see
  2. I have data from patients in my private private office that I want no one to know, see
  3. This feature would be premium


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Hi @jamesgsbraves, this is currently not possible in an easy/automated way. You could of course manually encrypt sensitive data and store the encrypted value in Baserow, but it will be less convenient to use. Alternatively, you could self host Baserow on a server that you own. Only you will then have access to the underlying PostgreSQL database where the data is stored. You do need to have the technical knowledge to maintain a self hosted instance, although it’s not that complicated with for example Cloudron. You could also run it locally on your own computer if you’re comfortable with docker.

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