Is it possible to use ActivyPub(federated messaging protocol) in Baserow?

Today there is a lot of talk about decentralized social networks, but I have never seen people talking about decentralized database tools. My question is related in that context, can Baserow be a decentralized tool?

ActivityPub is a new federated messaging protocol developed by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). ActivityPub is an open, decentralized social networking protocol based on’s ActivityPump protocol. It provides a client/server API for creating, updating, and deleting content, as well as a federated server-to-server API for delivering notifications and content.

An initial advantage is interoperability, that is, there would be several Baserow servers communicating with each other to ensure that any person, organizations interact to exchange information effectively and efficiently

The advantage of this is that as the servers communicate with each other, there is a lower rate of data latency between different servers. From a technical point of view, it is easier to load a given amount of data on different servers than a given amount of data on a central server.

Another advantage is that the user would not need to rely on a single computer network to send and receive data. As there are different types of Baserow servers, user can select the server according to his region. This is interesting because it increases confidence in users who want to use the Baserow, but still require greater privacy along the way.

Additional questions
1. We could have an open network to send and receive data within Baserow? Is it possible to use ActivyPub in Baserow?
2. Would it be possible to have a form of a federative network within Baserow?
3. I wonder if these early perks are worth it, about Baserow
4. This is a question and not a feature request yet.
5. No vendor lock-in: You can run Baserow independently on your own server or use community servers with different pricing or plan types.

Hi guys,

The answer to that question is here: How do I add my templates on the baserow templates site?, Have you ever thought about creating an open database area, where users can share and upload open data to Baserow?, Have you ever thought about creating a Marketplace on Baserow?