Is there a way to sync baserow with Google Data Studio or other free visualization tools?

I am asking this because we need to visualize data. Perhaps you know other tools for this too.

Alternatively, if there is no way, is it possible to sync baserow with google sheets? This would allow us to use google sheet data copied live from baserow in Data Studio.

Thanks so much!

Hello @shaping-horizons, first of all, welcome to the Baserow community!

Our community members posted some suggestions on tools to visualize the data in this thread, please check it out: View: Graphic mode - Graphic mode in Baserow.

Thanks a lot @olgatrykush , the thread does not provide any answer, though :slight_smile: . Does it?

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In that thread, there is a suggestion on a tool that can be used to visualize the data — Rawgraphs: View: Graphic mode - Graphic mode in Baserow - #3 by Jeau. Will it fit your needs?

Yes, there is a solution, and it is indeed a nice software. However, the issue is that every time you want to visualize data, you must import data into this software and then create (from scratch) a new figure.

In our case (and generally in all large databases), data entry is always the same it just increases its volume (more and more rows, columns remain the same). We need to visualize the trends every month as the data volume (rows) increases. It does not need to be real-time, but it should not take us one day every time we want to see data trends.

Google sheets + data studio can be synchronized such that when there is new data in google sheets, you see how the visualization evolves. This does not allow such sync between data and visualization. This is the solution I was looking for, which the other thread does not provide.

Got you! @joffcom suggested a great solution: View: Graphic mode - Graphic mode in Baserow - #7 by joffcom. This should work perfectly for your use case!

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