Join the brainstorm! What are your thoughts on performing calculations at the FIELD level in Baserow?

Hey community!

We’ve recently received a feature request from @artoflogic: COUNTIF Function, with the idea to make it possible to check how many times a certain value in one column already exists in the Baserow table.

The way the database works, it’s impossible to run formulas at the field level; they only work at the row level. However, for simple field calculations, we have a footer aggregations feature: Footer aggregation // Baserow.

As many spreadsheet users are moving to Baserow, we think a feature allowing more advanced data manipulations at the field level could be useful to many users.

We already have some ideas. For example, we could add formula or filter support to the footer aggregations, allowing users to do more advanced analysis on their data at the field level. But in order to make a decision, we’d like to ask for your input.

Share your thoughts and/or use cases about this topic. We’re excited to hear your ideas! :memo:


Hi @olgatrykush, thank you for picking up on this idea.

I think there could be multiple ways how to approach this. They probably can complement each other.

  1. Offer a set of simple formulas such as COUNTIF to do a range of useful calculations inside Baserow.

  2. Offer a special field type that allows for more advanced calculations similar to excel. Eventually, you might also want to open a Spreadsheet inside one Cell to where you can link to any other Baserow field and to really complex calculations.

  3. Or you could offer an API so other developer can build their own Field Types and bring more features to Baserow.

Just some ideas …