Kodular Baserow extensions

I recently stumbled upon two Kodular extensions for Baserow. Kodular is a free online suite for mobile apps development. It mainly provides an online drag-and-drop Android app creator, on which everyone can create any kind of app without programming a single line of code.

The first one is a paid extension and the discussion about it can be found in the Kodular community at [PAID] Baserow Database - An Airtable Alternative - Extensions - Kodular Community

There is also a free extension that you can follow here Baserow - Open source no-code database - Extensions - Kodular Community


Hi @bram,

Great that you mention Kodular here. People wanting to use Baserow in a mobile app but don’t have the knowledge to develop an app with the help of Android Studio can use Kodular.

The Kodular community is always willing to help you with any questions about using Baserow with Kodular.

This is my simple database. A Dutch drug database.

These are my blocks in Kodular together with the paid version of the Baserow extension.

The rest of the images are sample pages from the app i made.

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Hi @Peter, welcome to the Baserow community. This is a cool example of the power of Baserow and Kodular combined! You’re using the hosted version of Baserow for your app, right?

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Yes it is the hosted version. I would like to self host but my son didn’t succeed in making the docker installation work.


It could indeed be a bit complex to safely expose Baserow to the internet via docker-compose because you might need to change environment variables. The easiest way is via Heroku (Installation on Heroku // Baserow) and Cloudron (Installation on Cloudron // Baserow). My personal favorite is Cloudron because you can install that very easily on a VPS (Cloudron - Install Cloudron) and in a couple of steps you can deploy Baserow to that platform. Everything will work out of the box including backups.



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There is a new version of one of the Baserow Extensions for App Inventor, Kodular and other App Inventor clones.

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Hello @Peter, that’s great news :tada: