Make a template that others can use


I’m trying to understand how to take a database I’ve developed and make it available to other users as a template. The database has 6 tables, some forms, and some grid views. Assume the other users will not be members of my organization (if possible).

I’ve read the Create a Template help.
I’ve looked at the interactive list of features by plan.
I still have questions.

To create the template I need the Baserow command line.
Do I need to self-host?
Do I need to have the premium version?
Do the users need the self-hosted or premium version?
How long do I need to maintain the premium and/or self-hosted version?
Could I produce the template, export it, and email it to another Baserow user without worrying about what plan the user has?

The template is for a good cause, a civic technology project. It adapts your Performance Management template to evaluate meetings rather than people. The current version is a bit specialized, but we might make a more generalized version later if there would be interest in adding it to your standard template collection.

Thanks for any help you can provide!

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Hey @CfortheCs :wave:

Always enjoy seeing others wanting to share templates. Would you be able to share view links to all the tables you have?

If you don’t want to share the links publicly here, you can always DM instead.

Hiram, Hi, thanks for your interest!

The project is still a work in progress :smiley:

This is the table that will have general information about meeting schedules: Baserow // Baserow

This table will have evaluations of meetings Baserow // Baserow

We are especially interested in sharing the forms that people will use to do the evaluations of meetings.

Do you have any information you could share about the technical aspects of sharing a template with someone else? We are currently on the free cloud plan. Would we need to go to premium or self-hosted to create and share templates? Thanks for any clarification.

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Thanks for sharing, @CfortheCs.

We actually have a similar meeting template in the works, though it’s a bit more broad-purpose use. Based off those two views you shared, it appears that you’ve tailored it a bit more towards democracylab (which is totally fine).

I think the first thing we should do is establish an understanding of templates vs. sharing a database. It’s also important to note that a template is composed of much more than just the database. Have a look here for some more context: How do I add my templates on the baserow templates site? - #15 by nigel

We’ll have more structure around submitting template ideas, requests, and contributions, but let me know if you have any other questions in the meantime!

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