Make the prefill form section of the guides clearer

Make the prefill form section of the guides clearer

Hi all! I’m Riz, new to Baserow and have been having fun exploring what it can do for my company. So far it seems to work great, and I am very excited to see its feature set (for formula options) expand as the program grows.

I was following the very useful guide on how to update baserow data with a form (and n8n). Got a little stuck when it came to how to update multiple fields. Although the guide talks about adding in other fields in section 4, it doesnt explain how to, and gives no examples!

So I decided to jump on to the form view help doc which details prefilling but, this also doesn’t say how to fill multiple fields. Confusingly it says “If you want to prefill multiple fields you can do so by adding a , between the values.” which is not true, and likely this should read multiple values rather then multiple fields.

I have worked out that the way to do this is via the & ampersand symbol. Probably obvious to coders, but for a no code platform with no code users (me!) this was definitely not clear and took way too long to work out… Perhaps the guides could be updated for clarity?

Separately I do feel the number of steps (and also making the prefilled link via concat when you need to prefill from multiple fields) is very long and quiet complex for those looking for quick, easy and no code! Not sure if there would be an easier way to implement useful features like this?

Anyway thanks for all your work!

Hello Riz and welcome to the Baserow community :wave:

I will share your feedback with our Content Lead, and we’ll clarify the details on how to prefill multiple fields. :ok_hand:

I believe this is the easiest way for now. We will make sure to update the guide and user documentation to make the process clearer. :raised_hands:

Pre-filling multiple values by adding a , between the values works for me. Could you please provide more details on this part so we can understand why this didn’t work for you?

Hi Olga, thanks for your reply.

Multiple values in a single field works by using a , thats correct.

But to fill multiple fields, you must use a &. The quoted text describes prefilling multiple fields

This isn’t described in either of the guides, even though both guides reference filling multiple fields

Hope that clarifies things!

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Oh okay, sorry for misunderstanding :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hello Riz, we have updated the user documentation to clarify how to prefill a multiple select field with different values , vs how to prefill multiple fields & : Form view // Baserow.

There are a few more changes to be made regarding prefilling, which are currently in progress. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. :heart_hands:

Hi, I just tried to do something like that:

https://xxx/form/xxx?prefill_sellStrategy=Multiplier where sellStrategy is a Single Select.
I looked at How to prefill forms dynamically with existing data // Baserow but couldn’t find a specific example for this, and it doesn’t work as-it.


Hey @Ambroise-DNA-PC, you can find an example of how to pre-fill a single select field here: How to prefill form fields in Baserow // Baserow.

That’s what I did, any idea why it doesn’t work?
https://xxx/form/xxx?prefill_sellStrategy=Multiplier doesn’t prefill the “sellStrategy”, it doesn’t auto select the “Multiplier” value.

Hi @Ambroise-DNA-PC, how is the field named in your form? You would need to pass the title name of the field in the form as query parameter (e.g. ?prefill_fieldTitleInForm=). We have an issue on the backlog here Support both field name and displayed name for form prefills (#1576) · Issues · Baserow / baserow · GitLab to introduce support for both the field name and the form field title.

I used the database field name, not the “form field name”.