Need help with Group By for a Multiselect field

I need a view/report that groups projects by “Project Discipline”.

Shown below, the Project Disciplines field is a multi select field. So all projects that include “Structural” are listed under Structural, then all projects that include Electrical, etc.

The only way I see to do this is to create separate views that filter for each Discipline. Wondering if there is a clever way to do this within the same view?

Hi @MikeTran,

You can use the option at the top called “Group”. (Next to sort). This will give you the ability to group items by a field.

Don’t forget, you can also create a new view for this so that your default grid view is not affected by this group by filter. You canc reate a new view by selecting the current view, in your case - “Projects By Discipline” in the top left of your screenshot, then from tehre you can click “Grid” and give your new view a name.