Personal views per user

Hello there,
When working as a team we want to ensure that members can create their own personal views without having everyone to see it
A sales person will create a personal view filtering only his deals
If everyone can see it, then they can miss with it’s configuration by mistake and it can clutter the interface… and in a few weeks we can see 10s of views that are not needed

So, the feature idea here is to make an optiona that all users can create their own personal views that no one else can see

Hey @mahmouds12! We will discuss this feature idea with the team as well. Thanks for the suggestion :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hello @mahmouds12, we discussed this feature with the team and we all agreed that it will be super useful to allow having personal views. We don’t have any time frames on when we could start working on it as for now, but I’ll keep you posted :raised_hands:

Hello @mahmouds12, we’re glad to share that Personal views are now available in Baserow in a Premium plan. Thanks again for sharing this great feature request :raised_hands: