Praise for the left sidebar in Baserow + redordering applications/databases inside dashboard

I love the left sidebar design in baserow – that I can jump to another database right away from the databases I’m working in right now. In Airtable, I always had to go back to the main dashboard of databases and then click into the next one . Baserow’s sidebar design makes it much more like a central, easy-to-navigate dashboard for all your data.

That said, for months now I have wondered by I can’t redorder database groups when I’m on the dashboard and I only just realized the following: 1) I can reorder database groups inside the dropdown in the left sidebar while I’m inside a database; 2) When I reorder a group here, the new order is mirrored in the dashboard!

This is a great realization! But it also made me feel the need to point out that this took me some time to figure out and perhaps there are better ways to explain this to users. Better yet: Perhaps reordering should also be built into the dashboard view at some point!

Continued great work by the team!

I had earlier written about reordering a sub topic to my hack on how to move a database to another group and this discovery now supplants this part of the thread while moving of the database to another part main part of the post still remains

Our UX designer has actually come up with a completely redesigned side bar which we might implement in the future, so there might be some big changes coming to our sidebar :smiley:

In regards to your feature suggestion, I think we can summarise it as “Allow reorder of groups inside dashboard” which I think is a reasonable feature request. Personally I don’t have any objections to that feature, looks like something we just never got around to implementing :slightly_smiling_face: