Row filtering in link-to-table fields in forms

Hi all!
A nice feature to improve forms would be to allow row filtering when adding a link-to-table field in a form.
For instance, I have a Shops table where rows are identified with a city [‘Paris’, ‘London’, ‘New-York’] and contain a Status field which is either Opened or Closed. In my form, I would like the user to choose a shop, but only among the opened ones.
It could be done with something looking like the filter tool in table view and that could appear when adding a link-to-table field in a form.
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Hello @asan, noted :memo:

I’ll discuss this idea with the team. Thank you for your input! :raised_hands:

I too have a need to limit choices in a form that uses a link-to-table field. In my case, I have a form for teachers to choose which class section to teach (day/time), but they should only choose from sections that have not been assigned/chosen already.

Currently it’s only possible to select a single linked row. It would be nice to have the option of either limiting to a single row or allowing multiple row selection so the teacher could sign up for multiple sections in one form submission.

Maybe it would be possible to connect a view to manipulate the linked row selection process? In addition to filtering, sorting might also be helpful. In my example, I’d like to present sections to be selected sorted by day of week/time of day.

I imagine selecting a related row would use the expanded pop-up selection, maybe the expanded selection could be based on a view?

Hi there! Same here.

My usecase: sign up for a volunteer shift.
I have a table of shifts for an associative bar. I have the field Date and a field In the future (made with a formula: true if the shift is in the future).
In the registration form, I would like to show only shifts in the future for the volunteers to register.

Thank you for your work! :muscle: