Search and filters

I’m looking to setup a search filter using my Baserow project tables as the backend.

In the API I don’t see an option for searching through the database.

I want to allow people to simple search for the institution of choice and filter based on country, city, type

I’m integrating with flutterflow my the way. Looking to setup a front end where the user can simple search or filter based on criterial shown.

What’s the syntax for the filter…it’s not clear in the API doc. And how do I search up only items searched for to show.

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Hello @hcraige, have you seen this post: How to search via API?


You can check the API docs for a specific database by clicking the three dots next to your database name and selecting “View API Docs”.

Next, select the table where you want to apply a filter on and scroll in the documentation until you see the “List rows” section. This sections lists all parameters that can be added to the querystring. Also the filter:

For example: you want to see all the records where the country is Saint Lucia:[id of your table]/?user_field_names=true&filter__field_[id of your field]__equal=Saint%20Lucia)

If the filter does not work, it is in my case mostly because I made a typo with the double underscores between filter and the field name or the field name and the actual filter.

Tip: I am not very familiar with Flutterflow, but it is a good practise to use a tool like Postman to test your queries.


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