The Dev Challenge has just started! 🥳 Check out our app ideas and resources for a smooth start!

Hello developers!

First of all, thank you for your interest. We appreciate your enthusiasm. :blue_heart:

The goal of the challenge is to showcase the power of the Baserow API and its open-source nature. Build the apps that you’ve always wanted to build! And you might be the one who will win our main prize—a PS5.

Good luck, and let’s get started!

Getting started

Community-inspired app/workflow ideas

  • Find and replace text: Search for specific text in a Baserow table and replace it based on your desired input or search criteria.
  • PDF page designer: Create and design PDF files using the data stored in Baserow.
  • Web clipper: Capture content from the web and save a copy to Baserow for future reference.
  • Translator: Translate the text and replace it with the translated text directly in Baserow.
  • Dedupe: Identify and merge or remove duplicates in Baserow.
  • Database schema: Get a visual representation of all your database’s tables and the relationships between fields.
  • QR code generator: Create and customize QR codes for your tables in Baserow.
  • Barcode generator: Generate barcodes for your data in Baserow.
  • Time tracker or countdown: A system to keep track of time spent on tasks.
  • Business plan builder: Create a comprehensive business plan in Baserow by integrating it with other tools.
  • Data synchronization: Synchronize data from any other API source with a Baserow database that has a specific schema. For example, Jira tickets with a database in Baserow.
  • Ticketing system: An application where customers can submit tickets, which will be stored in Baserow.
  • Pricing page: A pricing page that shows plans, prices, features, and limitations, where all the data is stored in Baserow.
  • Bookmark browser plugin: A browser plugin that can store bookmarks directly in Baserow.

Productivity problem statements

Your application can solve one of the following productivity problems:

  • Product: Making production processes faster, crowdsourcing ideas and collecting feedback, and facilitating asynchronous work to reduce meetings across time zones.
  • Engineering: Automating issue creation, code reviews, integrating dev toolchains, and collaborating with third-party developers.
  • Marketing: Managing the entire campaign lifecycle from idea to launch, working with external partners like agencies, generating demand and managing leads, and taking action on data from both in-house and external systems.
  • Sales: Managing accounts and opportunities, streamlining deal approvals, facilitating sales onboarding and enablement, fostering a sales team culture and communities.
  • Customer service: Onboarding and knowledge base for support agents, integrating ticketing tools across departments, setting alerts for KPI thresholds, and gaining customer insights.
  • HR/Finance: Reviews and approvals, onboarding and policy adherence, annual planning exercises, mergers and acquisitions.

All the rules and challenge details are described in this post. If you have any questions, we’re here to help. Make a post in the category: #DeveloperChallenge, and we’ll be there to assist you.

That’s it! Happy building, and good luck to everyone. We can’t wait to see all your projects! :computer: