Use the inspector of the browser as API documentation

I read a lot of questions about using the Baserow API. What endpoints should you use, what data must be passed in the body, what is the expected response,…? I know that all this information is available in the API docs, but sometimes it can be time-consuming to search all this information.

Therefore the following tip: you can use the inspector of your browser to see what endpoints and payload the frontend of Baserow uses. And you can use this information because the frontend communicates with exactly the same API.

I created a small video that shows how to easily find the information about how to:
→ add a new formula field to a table
→ add a new grid view with a filter
→ add a gallery view with a cover image

And I created an automation with n8n to perform all these steps.

Thank you @frederikdc for contributing another great tip :blue_heart: