Workspaces in Baserow

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Workspaces in Baserow

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It would be interesting to have a Workspaces in Baserow


  1. None of Baserow’s plans have this feature
  2. Evernote’s paid plans have the wrokspaces feature for you to organize your notes and separate notebooks … it works as a subprofile …
  3. It would be interesting for Baserow to have the workspaces feature like Evernote has
  4. I’m not promoting Evernote but comparing it to Baserow to see if it makes sense to have this feature that Evernote has


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Hi @anon7289648, currently Baserow is organized into workspaces that have their own database and will have other items related to a workspace in the future.

How would workspaces work from your point of view in relation to the current separation into workspaces?

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are separate workspaces so it looks like a separate user profile

I could change profiles like a switch… Switch between accounts




Hmm I see. But you can still separate data into multiple workspaces even if you are one user.

Also, maybe you don’t really care about separation as much as discovery (by separation I mean user and data separation - workspaces can have different access policies and can’t link data between each other)? Meaning, you care more about categorizing and finding databases if you have many of them?

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yes… exactly what you thought.

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